About us

Caresoft is a proactive organization based in Madhya Pradesh, India, specializing in customized software development, web development & website design with interactive flash & multimedia animation, computer assembling, computer hardware & peripherals, networking solutions, corporate training, web promotion and consultancy services. The business paradigm of Caresoft includes the following areas:

Customized software development - Caresoft develops customized software solutions for its clients and also for internal use. The library of on-the-shelf Software includes

  •  GIS Applications

  •  MIS Applications

  •  Payroll Software

  •  Indian Financial Accounting Software

  •  Educational Institute Management Software

  •  Invoicing Software etc.

Web development and Internet/Intranet based Solutions - Caresoft has completed many web projects catering to niche segment of internet fraternity, which include portals, dynamic websites, multimedia rich interactive websites with Flash and Intranet based solutions for Business Automation. The sites and portals generate a run-of-the-network traffic and a significant business every month for our clients.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust - Schmittlein said "An organization that is perceived as doing a relatively good job, or of being relatively forthcoming in one area of trust, is seen as doing well elsewhere, too. The value of that trust element has not been going down over time." We too believe that Customer Satisfaction and Trust will always be our Key for success!!!

Quality - Quality is a comprehensive & fundamental rule or belief, for leading & operating an organization. And this helps in continually improving performance over the long term.